Difference Between Weather And Climate for Kids

What’s the Difference Between Weather and Climate?

Look at your closet, what kind of clothes you have? If you live in a hot area like Africa, your closet would be full of summer clothes -like t-shirts, light and half sleeve shirts and hardly any warm clothes.

But if live in Chicago, where in snows for many months, your closet would be full of warm clothes like jackets, full sleeve shirts sweaters etc.

These clothes tell a lot about the kind of climate you live i.e. whether you live in a warm climate or in a cold climate.

But even if you live in Chicago, where it snows for many months and it is very cold out there but there are few months and days and it is warm out there. In those warm days, you might have to wear t-shirts. So in your closet you might have few summer clothes although the number of summer clothes might be very small as compared to winter -clothes.

Your closet tells about the climate you live in but what you wear today tells you about the weather of the place you live in.

In short, weather is the day-to-day situation of the atmosphere whereas climate is the weather of a place averaged over a period of time, generally 30 years.

Many a times you must have noticed weather forecast on TV channels. Weather forecasters try to inform you about today’s and tomorrow’s temperature, whether it will rain today, whether you would get snow today? These weather forecasters provide you information about short period of times -may be a month or two months.

On the other hand, forecast for climate requires long term data analysis. To decide about the climate of a place, one needs to study the weather data of several years.

What causes weather and climate?


All weather is caused by the heat of the sun and movement of the air. Movement of air also depends upon the amount of received from the sun.

And climate of place depends upon its position on planet earth. The position of a place would determine the amount of heat of heat it receives from sun, the kind of air it gets.

Climate is average weather of a place that has been measured over long period of time.

Components (elements) of weather and climate:

There are various elements of weather, these include rain, sunshine, winds, floods, thunderstorms, heat waves and more.

The components of climate include temperature, precipitation, sunshine, humidity, wind velocity at a place for a long period of time.

In this animated video, two kids discuss about the difference and causes of weather and climate in an interesting and simple way. Teachers can use this video for home schooling as well as to teach the students in the class room.

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