Types of Landforms for Kids

Types of Landforms

Have you ever seen a mountain? You must have noticed that it is very different from the place you live. It is very rocky, plants and animals in mountains are also different and it is very high.

Have you ever thought how a mountain is so different from your hometown? You may be living on plains. Plains have flat surface. Most of the humans live in plains as it is to grow food in the plains as wells as making homes and travelling is also easier as compared to the mountains.

Plains and mountains are two different type of places on our earth. There are many other types also e.g. deserts, plateaus, valleys, glaciers etc. These are known as landforms. Each of this landform has different features and different type of climate. Due to these differences, life is very different in every landform. Plants, animals, lifestyle of people is very different in each landform.


Valleys are low lying areas between mountains. They are categorised in two types based on their shapes – V shaped and U shaped. V-shaped valleys are formed due to flowing rivers whereas U -shaped valleys are formed due to melting glaciers.



A glacier is a large area of thick ice that remains frozen for a long period of time. They slowly flow over the land. Thousands of years ago, large parts of the world were covered with glaciers.

Glaciers form the largest reservoir of fresh water on the planet.


A desert is any large place that gets very little rain each year, that’s why they are the driest places of the earth. Due to lack of water, very few plants or animals live in desert areas.

Deserts may be hot or cold. In hot deserts daytime temperatures are often above 100 ° F in summer. The temperature drops sharply at night.

Kids can learn many more types of landform by clicking on above video, where two cartoon characters travel to different types of places and show different types of features for each landform.

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