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Plant Adaptations for kids

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Plant Adaptations :Meaning and Definition:Adaptations are special feature in plants and animals which help them to survive in the habitats they live in. We all have observe that we do not see all kinds of plants in all the places. For example an indoor plant can not survive in an outdoor environment similarly a plant which grows in tundra can not live in a desert. Over a long period, plants in a specific environment have developed special features which help them to live and grow in that particular habitat. For example a desert is a dry and hot place,there is s scarcity of water in a desert, plants in the desert have long roots so that they can reach deep and wide in the soil so as to get the water from deeper and wider area.Similarly desert plants don't have leaves so that there is no water loss through the leaves due to evaporation.Plants like cactus also have waxy surface so to reduce the loss of water.