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Why Seasons Change for Kids

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There are 4 major seasons in a year.The seasons keep changing. Seasons are result of earths movement around the Sun & earths tilt on its axis. Sun never changes,but the movement of the earth around it leads to the differences in light and darkness as well as the temperature.The orbit the route which the earth follows while rotating around the sun,is elliptical.Due to this elliptical shape of the orbit,the earths distance from the sun keeps changing.At times ,the earth is closer to the sun whereas it is far away from it at other times.This causes in changes of temperature on the earth The other reason is the earths tilt on its axis.This tilt has two effects,one is on the angle of the earth towards the sun and second is the length of the day.For half a year the earth is tilted in such a way that North pole is more pointed towards the sun whereas in rest of the year South pole is pointed towards the sun.When North pole is facing the sun,the northern hemisphere gets more sunlight,the days are more warmer and longer and nights are shorter.There is summer in northern hemisphere.As the year progresses,the North pole gets away from direct exposure towards the sun and winter season sets in Northern hemisphere.Due to the same reasons,opposite effect happens in the southern hemisphere.

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