Extinct And Endangered

Extinct Animals:

Our Earth is home not only for us but also for lots of wonderful animals too. Sadly, some of those animals that once called our planet home no longer exist today These animals who’ve disappeared from our planet are known as extinct animals.

Dinosaurs, dodos, thylacine (also known as Tasmanian tigers) and aurochs are few examples of those animal species which have gone extinct over the years.

Endangered Animals:


These are those animals who are living on earth today but are in danger. Their population is going down. There is a risk that they would become extinct (disappear) in few years and humans would not be able to see them in reality.

Like we are not able to see dinosaurs and dodos in forests or zoos around the world , we only see them in animation movies or pictures. The same thing can happen to elephants or tigers in coming years.

Rhinoceroses, sea turtles, giant pandas, gray parrots are few of the examples who are in danger, their numbers are decreasing every year. And there is a likely chance that they would become extinct in coming years.

Why animals become endangered or extinct?

The biggest threat to animals come from humans. As the population of humans is going up, we are destroying lot of forests. Forests are the homes to many animals and once we destroy their homes, they have no other place to live. And also if we destroy forests, animals are unable to get food . And it animals can’t get food, they can’t survive.

Other reason is hunting activities by humans. Many animals are hunted for their skin, fur or horns. This also result in reduction of number of animals.

Many other animals are dying due to pollution and changes in climate. Rivers are getting polluted, the ice is melting in Antarctica and this is affecting the lives of the animals living in these habitats. Many animals are not able to adapt to the changes in their habitat and they die.

In this cartoon video on endangered and extinct animals, kids can learn about all the factors and reasons for animals becoming extinct and endangered. This video is like an animation movie, very engaging for junior and middle school students.

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