Animal Homes For Kids

Animal Homes:

Some animals build homes. For example, the birds build nests while rabbits dig burrows. But many others don’t need to do such work. They live in natural places such as caves and trees.

Some animal homes can be seen easily, while others are camouflaged to protect them from predators. The structure of an animal’s home depends on many factors e.g. the type of animal, the environment it lives in, and what it needs to survive.

In this animated video, kids can see different type of animal homes including different types of nests.

Types of animal homes:


Caves – Tigers, bears, wolves, lions and bats make their homes in nature made caves.

Shells – Animals like turtles and crabs, with soft bodies, carry their homes with them! These homes are called shells. The hard-outer layer of the shells helps protect the animals inside.

Tree Hollows – Some animals like to make their homes in hollow of a tree. Squirrels, porcupines and owls live in empty holes in the trunks or branches of the tree.

Webs – Spiders spin webs to live in. It serves multiple purposes. Apart from a place to live ,it also acts as trap for catching insects for the spider to eat

Hives – Bees, wasps live in hives. These insects make wax inside their bodies, then they use this wax to build hives.

Holes and Burrows – Many animals like foxes and rabbits, dig into the ground to make their homes.

Nests – Birds make nests on trees to live and to lay their eggs in. Bird nests come in all shapes and sizes, made from different type of materials, including grasses, leaves, sticks, twigs, bones, wool and sometimes mud.

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