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Teeth Types

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This a very funny and illustrtive vidoe. In this biology unit , kids can very well learn about different types of teeth we have in our mouth. After watching this interesting vidoe about teeth , kids would not only remember about different types of teeth but they would also know the functions of different types of teeth.Humans have 4 different types of teeth.There are 8 incisors,4 canines,eight pre-molars and 12 molars.Canines teeth help to shred and tear food.Incisors are also known as cutting teeth, their function is to cut and bite.Pre-molars work is to crush and chew food whereas molars prepare the chewed food into thin paste ,which is easy to swallow.To maintain healthy teeth ,proper oral and dental care is required .A visit to dentist every year is advisable.Check this animation video on teeth for kids of grade 2,grade 3,class 2,class 3,k-2,k-3,k4,k-5,k-6.