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The Carbon Cycle for Kids

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Carbon Dioxide (CO2) cycle & effect on global warming -Definition & Meaning-Carbon cycle is a process by which carbon is exchanged among the various geological systems of the earth and its atmosphere.All living things are made of carbon,it is the 2nd most abundant thing on the Earth after water.But as the Earth is dynamic even carbon is always on the move. This movement of carbon dioxide (combined with oxygen) from one life form to other is known as the Carbon Cycle. The Carbon Dioxide Cycle describes the movement of carbon ,how it is recycled & reused in biosphere.The carbon cycle steps involve several natural processes.Plants absorb carbon from atmosphere to prepare their food,this carbon becomes part of the plants.Plants die and they get buried in soil for millions of years,these plants become fossil fuel and turn themselves into coal or oil. When humans burn these fossil fuels,carbon is liberated and it becomes part of the atmosphere again