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Atmospheric Layers of Earth and Structure of Earth

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Children would remember the earth's atmospheric layers and the inner structure of next time whenever they eat pizza,egg or burger. The earth's atmosphere is divided into five layers.The order is as follows: Troposphere,Stratosphere,Mesosphere, Thermosphere and Exosphere.The layers of the atmosphere are thicker at the bottom and they go thinner as we move up.Air pressure and intensity decreases with the altitude in the earth's atmosphere. The inner structure of the earth is like an onion or an egg,having several layers.The outer shell is known as crust,where all plantation grows.The next layer is mantle,it is made of solid rocks but it behaves like a thick liquid.Next layer is called the core, it is made of solid iron and nickel. Temperature in the core is believed to be 5000 degree Celsius.Despite so much heat, iron is in solid form in the core because of massive pressure.

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