Uses of Plants

Plants help humans and environment in many different ways. Directly or indirectly, plants provide food, clothing, fuel, shelter, and many other necessities of life.

Here are few things where plants help:


1. Food from plants – Plants give us fruits, vegetables, seeds, flowers

2. Wood from plants – trees provide us timbre for furniture

3. Plants give us medicines

4. Clothes from plants -Cotton plant helps us to get clothes

5. Plants give us rubber, gum, paper

6. Seeds of some plants have oil. Humans extract that oil and it is used in many different ways including cooking.

7. Perfume from plants – Flowers of some plants are used to make perfumes.

In this video, two cute kids talk and learn about the benefits of plants.Watching this short cartoon movie would make students rethink about the plants around them and they would start.

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