Parts of a Plant For Kids

Parts of Plants:

A plant is made up of primarily five parts. These are –

1. Root    2. Stem    3. Leaf    4. Flower    5. Fruits

Functions of Different parts of plants:



A plant has roots that grow in the ground. These are the foundation of a plant. Roots keep the trees stable at a place apart from performing several other functions. This underground part plays a very important role in pulling the water and minerals so they can reach the plant.


The the part that stays above the ground is called stem. It usually bears leaves, branches, flowers and fruits. Stems is the carrier of the nutrients and minerals all the way from the roots to the other parts of the plant.


Leaf is the food -factory (kitchen) of the plant. The leaves of a plant have chlorophyll which assists the plants in preparation for food. Photosynthesis is the process by which plants make their food and it all takes place in the leaves.

A leaf has three basic parts which are petiole, leaf base and lamina.

4. Flower:

We all love flowers. These are the most beautiful parts of a plant. Apart from making the plants beautiful, the flowers have many important functions in a plant.

A flower consists of four basic parts, which are petals, sepals, stamens, and pistil. Stamens are the male part whereas pistils are female parts.

Each of these parts have role to play in a plant’s life. The petals attract insects and birds in order to pollinate them. After that, the flower buds are protected by sepals. The stamens and the pistil work together to produce fruits and seeds.

5. Fruits:

Fruits are seed factory of the plants. We all eat fruits because of their taste and flesh. In this video about parts of a plant, two kids have a close look at a plant and go through every part of it. The elder sister teaches about the functions of each part in a very detailed manner and in a very easy to understand method.

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