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Classification of Animals and other living for kids

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Have you ever visited a library or a large book shop?There are thousands of books related different topics. Have you realized that these books are arranged under some titles like story books,cooking books,study books for different grades etc. Do you know why this is done? This is done to help the reader or students to sort out the books in an easy manner.All books related to one subject or class are put in one section.This is called classification.Scientists have done the same thing for classifying living organisms. There are over millions types of living things.To sort out similar type of living things and to understand them better ,they have been divided into different categories based on their similarities and differences.Biologists have divided all living organisms in five different groups (In US ,they divide it in 6 different kingdoms).Classifying all of the living beings in these groups has made the identification and understanding of different characteristics for different types of animals , plants and other microorganisms easier for all. Each species belong to a genus,each genus belongs to a family,and each family belongs to an order etc.etc.All animals are in one kingdom and all plants are in other kingdom.Most accepted classification has 6 kingdoms,plants,animals,fungi and two one celled organisms kingdoms which are prokaryotes and protoctists