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FAQ's (Questions or Doubts?)

Do I have to register somewhere?

No ,we don't believe in complicated things. We don't believe in pestering people with unnecessary e-mails ,we also don't believe in marketing . We trust that if our content is good ,you will come back again to this free educational website for kids.We also know that if we are really cool website for kids, you will definitely share it with your friends and relatives by FaceBook ,Pinterest or Twitter from the links on top-right of every page or by word-of-mouth.So have hassle-free learning experience !

How to see the free Science Videos?

It is very easy, just click on any of the video,another page would open & you can see the video running

Do I have to pay something?

Everything is free at this website. Its purpose to spread science education, to make it easier & to make it accessible to everybody

How to download Power Point Presentations?

Just go to Educational Power-Point section on left hand side, choose the section & click on it. Once you are in your selected section, you will have a list of many presentations. Click on the subject you want & ppt. would be downloaded on your computer....easy, isn't it ? All educational power-point presentations are free to download

From where you get money to run this website?

Shhhhhhhhhhh..................this is our secret. But let us reveal our little secret as you seem genuinely interested to know this very critical aspect.We started this website with some funding from our parents ,by saving our pocket money, later on advertisements on our Videos by YouTube & advertisements on our website by Google helped us to provide us funds.Visitors like you & others may click on these advertisements & we get some money, which is sufficient enough to make this website running.Frankly speaking, we never thought that we could make so many videos for science learning in such a short period but YouTube & Google and visitors clicking on these advertisements have really helped us a lot ,so please keep visiting us if you want us to grow & to help in spreading free education!

How can I help?

Wow ! you can really help us by spreading a word about us among your colleagues,friends & relatives.And if you are more serious ,you can write story-boards for videos on the subject you like, you can send us educational ppts or cool facts. You can send these to

I have more Questions?

Good, write to us at wait for few days for answer as we are students & don't work for 24 hours for this website.

Why don't you reveal your identity?

Well, there are three reasons for it .First reason is that we don't think that is going to help visitors in any manner.Second is that we don't want to be known as super or genius kids as we are still learning & we don't want to raise any expectations of friends & teachers.Third reason is linked to our parents superstition, you may laugh about it but our parents believe that exposing us too young age may lead to casting of evil eyes on us ,in Hindi they say 'Nazar Lag Jayegi' , we may not believe it but you know parents!