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Modes and Means of Transportation

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In this video, kids can learn about different modes of transpotation . This is like a cartoon movie, kids would have fun as well as they learn at the same time.There are three different modes of transport.We can either travel by road, or we an travel in the air or in the water. In past , there was only one mode of transportation that was on the soil .We used to travel by foot. Later on, lots of inventions were done and humans started transportation via air as well as by water.Wheel was first major invention which made the transportation easier and faster. Nowadays there are several means of transport like rails,automobiles,ships,boats,planes and helicopters etc.Different means of transport are used for different modes of transport.Sometimes we use different means for travelling from one place to another i.e in one journey from place to place b , we may use air,road as well as water by boarding on different means of transportation.