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Cool Facts

Believe It or Not Strange Unbelievable

  • The US Secret Service,tasked with protecting the president as created by Abraham Lincoln on the day he was assassinated !
  • The word Scientist was coined in 1833 ! Before this ,scientists used to call themselves as nature's philosophers!
  • Until 1911, clocks at French railway stations were set 5 minutes fast so travelers would not miss their trains !
  • You will be amused to know that in April 1910, in France ,kissing was banned on railway platforms because it caused delays.
  • Do you know the upper limit of the speed at which Heinz tomato ketchup can drip out of its bottle to 0.028mph (about 1 km/day). If it comes out any faster, it is rejected.
  • The sandwich is named after John Montagu ,who was the 4th Earl of Sandwich, who started a craze for eating of slice beef between 2 slices of toast.
  • Dolphins can develop diabetes !
  • The human brain runs on the same amount of power as a low-powered light bulb !
  • Rats laugh when tickled !
  • In 1925,a monkey was tried & convicted for smoking a cigarette in the US !
  • The National Anthem of Spain has no words !
  • High heels were originally made for men !
  • DOG TV is a new television channel created exclusively for digs to watch !
  • In Thailand,it is illegal to go in public without wearing an underwear !
  • There are more than 1200 species of venomous fish -more than venomous snakes and all other venomous vertebrates combined.
  • Tian Hao -a hair stylist from Xian Shaanxi,China,cuts his customers hair with his eyes closed!
  • New born babies can see only in Black & White!
  • Footgolf is a new sport where players kick a soccer ball into holes on a golf course !
  • Betty Lou,85 years old of Mich ,USA and 76 years old Delores Viola ,reunited in 2012, discovering that they were sisters saparated by adoption 76 years earlier!
  • The BUSCH GARDENS,a theme park in Tampa,Fla,USA,allows its visitors to play a tug-of-war match with a tiger!
  • THE SAME CAFE,in Denver ,Cola,USA ,has no fixed prices.All of its patrons are allowed to decide to pay whatever they feel appropriate & affordable for them for their cup of coffee!
  • Rope Climbing was an Olympic Sport until 1932 !
  • The total known population of Mountain Gorillas in the world is less than a thousand!
  • The cities of Windsor ,Ontario ,Canada and Datroit,USA celebrate each other's National Holidays
  • James Simpson of Anna Maria Island,Fla,USA had his wallet returned to him in April 2011,48 years after he had lost it !
  • Have you heard about the Titanic,the ship? Do you know it took USD 7 million to make the ship but to make the movie about it ,approximately USD 200 million was spent !
  • On Feb 5,1958 , a nuclear bomb was dropped into the sea off the coast of Georgia,USAafter a mid year collision of air planes ,and its location is still known after so many years later!
  • Dolphins can develop diabetes !
  • Scientists disagree on the reasons of 'why we slip on the ice' !

World Weird Days

    World Turtle Day :it is celebrated on May 23 .In 1990 the American Tortoise Rescue decided to red letter May 23 as a day to educate people on dangers faced by these reptiles.Many people dress up like turtles on this day and march in busy places like gardens and shopping malls.
    World Sleep Day :it is celebrated on every third Friday of March .A recent study conducted in 2011,found that 93% of people surveyed felt sleep-deprived ,so wouldn't we want more such days..
    International Left handers Day :It is celebrated on August 13th of every year.Considering that there are over 700 million southpaws in the world,we should have a special day for them.
    Geek Pride Day :it is celebrated on May 25th .

    Collected from various published articles across the world.